Virtual DJ fans love the fact that Virtual DJ can be customized to work with many different controllers and DJ hardware. Also, it can be used  without a controller. I once DJ’d at a bar in Mexico with just my laptop and Virtual DJ. Basically, my Airbnb host found out that I’m a DJ and asked me to DJ at a bar where he works. I did not have my DJ gear with me because I was not expecting to perform. However, I had my laptop, and I had Virtual DJ installed on it so basically I was able to perform at his bar without an issue.

Keep in mind that if you’re using Virtual DJ, or Serato DJ, without a controller you might need an external sound card. The reason you may need an external sound card is because mixers and controllers have several outputs – master outputs that go to your speakers and also an output for your headphones. The multiple outputs allow you to have one song playing through your speakers while you listen to a different song in your headphones.

Many laptops have just one output (which is the headphone output). If you have just one output, it’s hard to have one song playing on the speakers while you listen to a different song in your headphones. Luckily there is a very simple cheap solution – you can buy an external sound card – which should not cost you more than $10. External sound cards connect to your USB port and provide you with a second output. So basically you can have your laptop’s output go to your speakers while you use the second output (on the external sound card) to listen to a different song while mixing.

Website: Visit the Virtual DJ website for more information.

Virtual DJ Key Features

  • Free (home) version and various pro versions.
  • You can customize it to work with many more controllers than Serato DJ.
  • Has a music streaming option.
  • Requires more memory for video mixing.
  • Can be used with or without a controller. It’s worth mentioning that Virtual DJ allowed you to mix without a controller before Serato and Traktor had that capability.

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