Traktor DJ software is a very popular DJ software program. DJs who use Traktor are very happy with it and very committed to it. That’s mainly because Traktor is a very user-friendly, customizable program. Also, there are Traktor DJ apps for iOs and Android systems. Some DJs use the Traktor DJ app as a backup.

Traktor is unique because Native Instruments, the company that makes Traktor, actually makes controllers and hardware that use Traktor. The Traktor software works really well with the Tratkor controllers so if you have a Traktor controller, then it’s probably best to use Traktor.

Website: Visit the Traktor website for more information about Traktor.

Traktor Key Features

  • Full version is currently $99.
  • Compatible with lots of hardware.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Native Instruments (the makers of Traktor) also makes various controllers and hardware that work with Traktor.
  • Lots of flexibility when it comes to mapping to new controllers.
  • Can be used with or without a controller.

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