By DJ Eternal, August 7, 2018

One of the best wireless microphones I purchased is the GTD Audio G-622H wireless mic system. It is one of my favorite purchases as a DJ. I’ve purchased 8 or 9 different wireless mic systems over the last 15 years and this was the best bang for my buck when it comes to wireless microphones.

Let me share a quick story. When I first started buying wireless mics, this was over 14 years ago, I bought a wireless mic that cost $100. I thought I got a great deal because of the low price.  It was not a great deal because the microphone was very bad. It sometimes made a really weird loud noise. Also, sometimes when people were speaking the audio would drop out. That cheap $100 microphone embarrassed me at 2 or 3 gigs before I decided to get a better wireless mic system.

I then bought a Shure wireless mic that cost $200 at the time. Shure makes really good microphones so I thought that was a great deal. But, the $200 Shure mic had similar problems to the first wireless mic I bought. It was a better microphone but it also embarrassed me at a few gigs. After that I realized I had to spend more money for a good wireless mic so I bought a $400 EV microphone which worked super well. After a while I had to get another set of wireless mics because I think the FCC changed the available frequencies for wireless mics so my EV mics did not work consistently well. So I purchase a Sennheiser wireless mic for $400 and it works great to this day.

Based on my experience, I used to think that I had to pay $400 or more for a good wireless mic, until I came across the GTD Audio wireless mics.

I bought the GTD Audio G-622H wireless mic system 3 years ago and they are great. I’ve have had no problems with them other than occasionally having to change the channel being used. With the GTD Audio G-622H I got TWO wireless mics for less than $200*. That was an awesome deal. If I needed more wireless mics I would consider the GTD Audio G-787H because, at the time of this writing, you get 4 wireless mics for less than $350*. I know DJs who use the 787H system and they are very happy with it. The GTD Audio mics sound similar to many of the high-end Shure microphones. More info »

As I mentioned earlier – I also own a Sennheiser microphone, specifically the Sennheiser XSW 2-835-A wireless mic. That microphone sounds super crisp. When I purchase it it cost me $399*. I usually get compliments on the sound whenever a singer or MC uses it. I bring it to my larger gigs. For my smaller gigs I bring my GTD Audio mics because they sound good and get the job done well. More info »

The Shure BLX288/PG58 microphone is a very popular microphone made by Shure. It is a clear sounding, high quality microphone. Many sound engineers use it because it sounds great and is reliable. The Shure BLX288/PG58 wireless system includes 2 wireless microphones for a very reasonable price. More info »

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* Please note that prices/costs are subject to change. DJ equipment prices often change due to market conditions.