By DJ Eternal, August 8, 2018

The best low cost speakers we identified have been in use over a decade. Your speakers are one of the most important parts of your DJ setup. Most people who are not DJs or sound engineers don’t know much about speaker brands, but, they know what sounds good. This page features some of the best low cost DJ speakers.

I received a lot of great feedback about Behringer speakers and have personal experience with them. I first noticed Behringer speakers when a neighbor across the street was having a party in his backyard. I was living in Brooklyn at the time and every now and then there would be a block party or someone would have a party in their backyard. I heard music playing and the speaker quality sounded pretty good so I walked across to my neighbor’s to have a closer look at the speakers. The DJ was using a pair of Behringer 15″ speakers. I made a mental note to check out Behringer speakers the next time I visited my favorite music store.

I’ve personally owned Behringer speakers and they are solid – I had no issue with them. I also have DJ friends who use Behringer speakers and they are happy with them. Behringer has been making speakers since 1989 so they are not new to the game. Their speakers are the best bang for your buck when it comes to low cost DJ speakers.

You can find these speakers at your local music store or on Amazon. Click any of the links below for prices and detailed specs.

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