By DJ Eternal, August 10, 2018

Based on my personal experience, interviews and many reviews – two of the best high-end DJ speaker lines are the QSC K series and the Yamaha DX series. QSC speakers have a 6 year warranty. That tells you that QSC is committed to making high quality speakers.

I own a pair of QSC K12.2s and they are powerful. They can go very loud without clipping or limiting – especially if I am using them with a sub.

Speaking of subs – I use them with my QSC KW181 subs. The 181s are rugged and powerful. It’s not easy to find a negative review about them. Every DJ I know, who owns a KW181 is happy with them.

One more thing about the KW181s – they have wheels – which makes them very easy to move. The wheels remind me of my travel suitcases. I used to use suitcases that have 2 wheels. One day I needed a new suitcase and I bought one with 4 wheels. The suitcase with 4 wheels is soooo much easier to move. You can move it with one finger. As a DJ, for many years, I used subwoofers with NO wheels – which means I would use some kind of dolly or cart to move the speakers. When I started buying subwoofers with wheels I said to myself “Damn, what took me so long? This is a much better way to go.” Another thing about the wheels – they make it easier to load the speaker into your vehicle because the wheels make the speaker higher up from the ground. The KW181s weigh close to 120 pounds so it’s helpful to have wheels.

You can find the QSC K series and the Yamaha DX series speakers at your local music store or on Amazon. Click any of the links below for prices and detailed specs.


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